NYC Indigenous Day of Remembrance 2018.

Sunday, October 7th, 2018. Columbus Circle. West 59th Street and Central Park West. Manhattan, New York City – 11th Annual Indigenous Day of Remembrance.

Organizers say on Facebook: “The NYC Indigenous Day of Remembrance is an Inter-tribal Annual Event at Columbus Circle to honor our First Nations/Indigenous Ancestors. We will never forget the genocide inflicted on our ancestors beginning in 1492. We Are Still Here to honor and celebrate Indigenous culture. This event is sponsored by local NYC indigenous volunteers.”

11th Annual Indigenous Day of Remembrance was hosted at four different locations: Columbus Circle NYC Merchants Gate; Arecibo Puerto Rico Columbus Monument; and at the “Alcázar de Colon” in Dominican Republic.

Dee Doval, Tina Johnson, and Maritza Feliciano-Potter leaded the NYC memorial service; Naguake in Arecibo PR, and Taino tribal community: Yukayeke Taiguabo Kiskeya, in Santo Domingo, DR- led by Behike Boynayel Mota.